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2019 // Construction Deconstruction

On the bank of the Cavado's estuary, lies ESTALEIRO, a proposition for the exhibition and celebration of contemporary music and associated practices. The Esposende Shipyard, a space for construction and renovation, will, for a day, encapsulate various languages of modern music production, in a challenging programme that aims to welcome artists and audiences from differing segments and sensibilities. Removed from their respective aesthetic and social contexts, the melting-pot of musical propositions will coexist in a neutral space that allows their crossing and relationship - harmonious or opposite - in a festive and pedagogical experience. ESTALEIRO condenses various artistic approaches, inviting the audience to get to know contemporary productions in an immersive fashion, allowing it to get a glimpse of the musical landscape, its themes, identities, concerns and transformational power. At ESTALEIRO, a place meant for repairs, we intend to have a moment of celebration and critical reflection, by everyone for anyone. todas as pessoas.

On September 28th, Esposende’s shipyard will welcome Eric Copeland, the experimental American musician who is a also member of Black Dice, Allen Halloween, the notorious and daring rapper behind unique soundscapes in Portugal, Conjunto Corona, the chroniclers of suburban and marginal life, along with Sereias, Ohxalá and Iguanas. ESTALEIRO is a co- production between NICE - Núcleo de Intervenção Cultural de Esposende and Macho Alfa - Cultural Association of Barcelos, with the support of Esposende’s City Council and the Associação Fórum Esposendense. ESTALEIRO’s brand image was created by Antecâmara Studio, in collaboration with the designer Cristiano Campos.



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